Collection: Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Beds

This sleeper chair folding foam bed is made of a high density white foam 1.8 pounds in order to increase the foam life, more durable and resilient while using.  When using, just simply fold out these foam beds right on the floor to sleep on, it makes for an efficient use of small living space and easily to move around the house or to travel.  It is an ideal to have this sleeper chair folding foam bed or a folding foam mattress for family reunion, picnics, sleepover guests, students, children playing games, camping, traveling, taking a nap, massage, yoga meditation, exercise .... You can use this flip foam mattress or a floor cotton pad in guesthouse, livingroom, exercise room, patios, studios, dormitory, mobile home, RV, trailers, campers, travelers, trucks, vans, shelters, cargos, apartment, porch, and also bring it with you in your car to anywhere. We also may have the cotton or foam cushions custom made upon your special size request. We are very happy to have any question from you about our products!!!
  • Fabric materials are variable.  Most of solid colors are 100% polyester poplin.  Some of design materials are polycotton.  Denim material is 100% cotton.
  • The cover is not recommended to remove for washing.  Upon our futon experts, you may use any large cover sheet to put all over the foam bed to keep it clean and also to create a new own look on your design cover sheet,.  If so, you may take off the cover sheet for washing anytime, and also make a new fresh air for your flip chair foam bed.
  • This chair foam bed allows you to get a comfortable sleep wherever you go. For day-out, just fold up the foam bed into a closet, storage or a van or a truck.
  • Please choose one of the following available bed sizes: 6"thick x 24" wide x 70" long, 6" thick x 32" wide x 70" long, 6" thick x 36" wide x 70" long, 6" thick x 48" wide x 72" long, 6" thick x 58" wide x 74" long.
  • Most of colors available for the foam bed like black, red, navy blue, grey, brown, tan, royal blue, orange, turquoise, purple, yellow, white, lime, hunter green, burgundy, pink, peach, denim, roses, polka dots, zig zag, multi colors striped, butterflies, hawaii tropical flowers ...